Supermechs ⛅ MAXING 6th Item Windigo Torso (#SMFAN)

  1. Go ahead and link the 100 different SM channels.
  2. I am not the only one advertising look at this link
  3. I am not trying to get views… I am getting views lol
  4. I am pretty sure you do care , you are the one following me around :slight_smile:
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That is a link specifically made for a contest. None of those players make a separate topic for each video.


who said flagging a video for advertising is against the rules lmfao

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#Ugh, AGAIN?!?

#Guys, just stop. I’m sick and tired of this. I’m getting mental constipation just from reading these roasts.

Meh, since we’re waist-deep in it now, might as well point out how no one is liking your rebuttals

#Also, for the last time, NO ONE IS FOLLOWING YOU. They can’t help but see your posts. If you don’t want them to see it, post it in the DMs. :wink:


Haha don’t expect ppl to keep watching Ur clickbait videos!


These are not clickbait, just boring


lol I got max vindigo today

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Read what I say carefully I said “go ahead and flag me
Me posting on the forums about my videos isn’t against the rules.”

Yet a ton of people watch it thanks for your opinion even though it wasn’t needed.

Other forums have YouTube threads

Oh, Pleeeeeeasee, babe, Don’t make me laugh. Do you see a youtube thread in sight?

#Maybe the people running the forums CHOSE not to have a youtube thread.

Give up already, darling. It’s 5 to 1. I counted. Come on now, you’re agitating everyone with your behavior.


Yea it’s 5 on 1 because all of you are a bunch of followers and I am different.
What behavior ?

Why the heck you call me babe don’t call me that.

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Oh dear, why you mad at him babe :wink:

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Keep bumbing the thread it helps :thumbsup:
I would also like for you not to call me babe.

Okay, babe I’m sorry if u r hurt by Me calling you babe, I’ll not call you babe anymore, ok babe? :slight_smile:

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Wel… as I said before … what’s wrong with someone making a Youtube video about SM and showing it here? What’s wrong with him doing it so that put “like”?

It suits TS! It’s the policy of TS! That’s why they don´t have an official channel. That is, they expect the same players to advertise them with videos. There is even a video of a lecture by M. Rosen where he explains it as a tactic for marketing online games.

The more “like” and views have a video about SM on YouTube, it means more marketing to TS. Even if the video is a bad review! It was S. Dalí who said “it does not matter what they say, but let them talk!”

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this entire thread reads like a petty schoolyard squabble between 8 year olds and reflects badly on everyone involved, tbh. this fight is pointless. I’m all for some juicy drama, but this is just a low energy nothing fight over nothing.


Have some popcorn, complimentary from the star of the show! :wink:

:popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:


There was juicy drama but that got deleted and i got punished because of it. Thats what happens to juicy drama. Thats why we now have to resort to petty elementary schoolyard insults.