Supermechs ⛅ MAXING 6th Item Windigo Torso (#SMFAN)

Boom A MAXED Torso Its been 16 days since my last MAXED Item

UNLISTED For 5 hours Uploaded.
This is a Game changer since it will magnificently Increase my health etc

( Just letting the haters know that this video will get tons of views,
even without the forums because my fans like my videos )

All positive comments will receive likes and hearts !!!


A like and a heart are the same thing. Not to worry tho, there most likely wont be any comments to get either of those.


congratulations friend now if you’re fine op


Hey Can you not …

The comment above me is a like and I will probably giving many hearts on my channel so you are wrong just remove your comment please thank you


This video was unlisted for 5 hours
Uploaded to the public :eyes:


I’m not clicking on that link, sorry but I don’t really care if your windigo is maxed, doesn’t make any difference to me lol… I don’t know why these aren’t moved to spam… I don’t see any discussion about game here … It’s supposed to be #off-topic #off-topic:spam


Agreed , and i freaking told her to not upload her shit here unless its good.

post it on yt and let the views come fron there not the forum dumbo


i use mythical windigo as well


Yea you two may not care but others do care. Some people actually want to watch what I upload
don’t believe me? Then why is it getting so many views and likes But your opinions are irrelevant to me. #Haters

Also many other forums do this it’s called YouTube Showcase this forum however doesn’t have a place.

Hey you don’t like it ? Go somewhere else problemsolved

Yes , i dont like it. Dont post it here or ill flag every single video you post from now on for advertising. Easy as that.


I’m not stopping I have no reason too.

Also I made A LOT of videos THREADS so you are going to have to search around and do some flagging if that’s what you like to do on here.
Not counting all the other forums I am on LOL

i said ill flag the next ones you post , not the
old ones dumbo

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Why you started another war here Dwight


They are replying to me first.

I posted my YouTube Thread and @Kaen @Merciful And @TechnoDive immediately posted something afterwards.

Not a dumbo and go ahead it isn’t against the rules.

while you are rising completely to level 50 all I am creating the 5 mythical element

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The People on the forums aren’t leaving me alone they follow me around and always have something to say.

for me it is a good place to send your videos because here is the whole community of SM :smiley:


It’s Cuz you keep spamming the forum with your Videos… There are around 100 different SM channels and you r the only one advertising it in the forum , desperately trying to get views

Maybe from next time post it in #spam and no one would care

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