Supermechs ⛅ MAXING 5th Item (Devouring Paws) (#SMFAN)

Here we go another MAXED item this will be my 5th. (2 Weeks since my 4th)

Uploaded 2 Days later !!!
Also added (#SMFAN) to the bottom of the video. #2
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I suggest you to max out windigo, i think it is the best torso, or you can choose brutality, it is good too.


@Ricemech88 I’m either going to choose

AVENGER ------- (350),1242 HP, 193/64 Energy, 145/48 Heat, Resists - 16P/22Ex/22El


WINDIGO -------- (345), 982 HP, 217/72 Energy, 301/112 Heat, Resists -22P/16Ex/22El

Still unsure, either way I’m NOT EVEN close of having enough items.

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i like you video keep it up

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there you go 500 subs

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I know that that torso in mitico and my cooling 173 and my heat weapons would be very strong xD but it is not the time to improve my torso wendigo

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Avenger is the best torso if you don’t have mythical plates.

If you have one plate, Brutality and Avenger are still generally best.

If you have 2-3 plates, Windigo, Grim Reaper and Nightmare are usually best.

This can basically be sorted out just by playing with different module set ups.


what is best for the nightmare?

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But if I choose avenger ill be stacked in health but my heating would be trash
still uncertain about windigo too

An ENERGY torso !??!?! nope lmao

Swap out 1 plate until you have a chance to further upgrade your modules.

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Are you saying I should go with avenger?

LOOOOL if I picked avenger i’d have over 2,000+ health

avenger for heat is a bad choise , i think soo anyways

Health doesnt really matter , overheat his ass

x1 HEAT ENGINE ------------------- (25), 89 Heat, 42 Cooling
x2 HEAT ENGINE ------------------- (25), 89 Heat, 42 Cooling
x3 HEAT ENGINE ------------------- (25), 89 Heat, 42 Cooling

  • 145 Heat, 48 Cooling AVENGER

Getting those to myth full power is a pain ,get a brutality , good hp and heat

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But also think about it , energy mechs will destroy you

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Doing the math, it’s actually pretty close and comes down to 1) if you can fit the weight and 2) exactly what stats you want.

Here are all the viable options for the 3 cores (although substitutes could be made for regen modules, and for resistance modules).


4 heat modules, 3 energy: 1865 HP, 504/216 heat/cooling, 460/190 energy/regen

3 heat, 3 energy: 2010 HP, 415/174 heat/cooling, 460/190 energy/regen

3 heat, 2 energy: 2155 HP, 415/174 heat/cooling, 351/148 energy/regen


2 heat, 3 energy: 1895 HP, 479/196 heat/cooling, 484/198 energy/regen

2 heat, 2 energy: 2040 HP, 479/196 heat/cooling, 395/156 energy/regen

1 heat, 3 energy: 2040 HP, 390/154 heat/cooling, 484/198 energy/regen

1 heat, 2 energy: 2185 HP, 390/154 heat/cooling, 395/156 energy/regen


2 heat, 3 energy: 1946 HP, 481/172 heat/cooling, 484/190 energy/regen

2 heat, 2 energy: 2091, 481/172 heat/cooling, 395/148 energy/regen

After doing all this there’s actually more nuance than I thought.

The first thing that isn’t obvious, but is really important, is the weight. For example, I use a physical mech that will use Avenger, 2 plates, 2 energy modules, 3 heat modules and 1 mythical resistance module. This takes me to exactly 1000 weight, and won’t fit with Brutality or Avenger using a 3rd plate. I also think that the stats are more conducive to the way the build works.

However, other builds either wouldn’t fit or would leave extra weight, and might therefore be better with other builds.

Moreover, heat and energy builds need different stats.

A very high heat build, like one that uses 2 Crimson Raptures, might do best with Avenger+4 heat modules, whereas others might do better with 2 modules on Windigo or Brutality.

And energy mechs might need something totally different.

Anyway, it’s interesting. Brutality and Windigo become a lot better once you get mythical plates, but Avenger is definitely right in there before that due to needing fewer plates and therefore less weight.

Ultimately it depends on what weapon set-up you’re using.

Whew, long post!

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I agree. Here’s a short post!

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@Blex Thank you for that ill be sure to read the whole thing.

Oh If I get Windigo I wouldn’t need as much heat modules because I could Add more HP Plates.