Supermechs ⛅ MAXING 4th Item 'Drone' (Void) -YouTube-

Alright it’s been 2 weeks since my last MAXED item.
I got rid of my drone Maxing out OP “Mercy” so I decided to MAX the “Void” drone.

Unlisted for the Forums will Upload to the Public Soon !!!

All positive comments will be liked/loved <3


i love it


Gratz!! :boom::boom:

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Now he is killing machine…

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cutie cat avatar…

I have it in epic and I always forget to improve it …

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How to make Rotten black fish ? How you made 5 goldies ingredient? Which boss loves you most?

Uploaded to the Public !!!

@MAX_Kill4Free what do you mean?

This is my another mixed item

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Now I have 4 mixed items

same too you:smiley:

Energ is still going to demolish you , not talking about nightfall mechs

“This video of mine racked up 850 Views in less then 24 hours”

11/13/2017 -ժաìցհէ×

What should i max next?
Dust maker
or night eagle?
( they’re all around lv 40 myths )

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Anihilation, then night eagle, then duskmaker.
Imho, anihilation will see the most use.
And having in mind they all use energy except anihilation, if you face an energy mech that will drain you fast, you want to make evry hit count, and anihilation gives that -15res drain.

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Annihilation does not use energy.

mixed annihilation


Avenger, (not mixed)

Who can tell what it is look like when mixed ( HP? Energy? Heat?..)

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AVENGER ------- (350),1242 HP, 193/64 Energy, 145/48 Heat, Resists - 16P/22Ex/22El

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I know this place can look for mixed items

But few items they don’t know @Andernut