Supermechs Joins The Battle!


Oh boy. You’ve seen them. Ive made them. In supermechs form. Here are some i made so far (thanks to KilliN for sending me cropped goodness.)

Other than attempting to make sprites look decent i find fun in making these. So appreciate them. There will be more dont worry. (Unless if you people want more then okay with me)

Enjoy these clear memes and etcetera etcetera.


You know we had to do it to em.
(Inb4 this thread gets moved)


Love it :heart:

Why would it be removed?


because people may consider these to be memes (and lowkey they are) and might move them to off topic but whatevs.


If it’s Supermechs oriented, then no one can do anything.

I got your back :wink:


these look like utube thumbnails


Unintentionally yes.


Can you do mine…@Killin has my cropped mech…that he use door the RNG tournament


When he tosses me it


Excellent job mate. Liked it.


but what about this?


What do I have to do to get one of these? Send you a box of bananas? Awesome pics!


Excellent. Saddly i dont use this boi anymore…
Love your work mate


If anyone wants to make one of this lovely player here

Fell free to but Remember I Have Players Falling left and right


i think we need to send out mech pics dude, i also missed out for now, when people see my mech i have them falling left and right


Let me finish it

because it’s so ugly…



Can you make a sprite for me
And this is my mech
Thanks :slight_smile:
I’ll use it for wallpaper


Welcome to the waiting room, now there are 3 of us


Why does yoyoman get his but I don’t get mine? We’re basically the same rank.

P.S. I’m too lazy to crop mine myself so can you do it


@Winz_Kay, this dual scope build though… looks funky af.