Supermechs Intros!


Since it is fashionable, I decided to name myself a “supermech artist” …

We’ve already seen profile pictures, banners, sprites and even fake drawings haha!
Now I present to you the supermechs intros!

(No, I will not make one for you, well… Not for free :heart:)

Work Time : 3h

Work Time : 2h

Work Time : 2h

Work Time : 4h 30min

#Work Time : 1h 30min
#Style: Rustic

Sh!tpost thread

Revive sm hacking series


Very different lots of colors, i wouldn’t know how to do that


So in your mind thsi is art ??? I got a headache after this…Stop making hate to other peoples.Caus this is not art my friend -- When i heard wat u said to SM-Artist i tought u will be 100000000000LVL above but nope,srry even my bro (10 years can do better) And to pay for it ?


Can’t you see the (" ") on the phrase? Retard child.


…and cause u put those that change something in ur mind ? Are u rage quit bruh ???


Great intros, lad.


What sm artist did takes 5 minutes (I’ve done it in less time) but what killin did takes a lot more time


I don’t care…He did a lot of hate to Sm_Artist and then said I PUT ‘’’’’’ SO IF I GO ON STREET AND SWEAR SOMEONE AND THEEEEEEEEEEEN, IM GOING TO SAY TO HIM. WAIT WAIT I PUT ‘’’'
do u think he will stop beating u up ???


You dont make sense.

So, you are the one that swore at someone.

Why would he start beating ME up if YOU swore at him?


dude do u undestrand english …yes or no cause im not going to explain…In the last part i was speking in general…


My apologies. English is not my first language. No need to attack me for being a foreigner and not fully comprehending a language not native to me


Same here…and sorry


i flagged u a long time ago :slight_smile:


Don’t waste your time! :wink:


Unlike you my friend,he didn’t swear :slight_smile: [quote=“KilliN, post:16, topic:8919”]
Don’t waste your time! :wink:

That’s what I want to tell you :slight_smile:


Idk why all the messages you send sounds like “hur duh i’m 10 years old”…


Maybe cuz I am :slight_smile: interesting how a 10 yr old has more decency than you :smile:


That’s the point, you THINK you have “decency” because you’re too young to understand.

That’s the end of our conversation.


I’d challenge you to find at least 1post of.mine where I had to swear on others cuz I was too dumb to have an actual point to put forward in the argument :slight_smile: