Supermechs ⛅ INSANE Side Missions 2️⃣v2️⃣s


Welp I had to Upload something.
My Mechs are finally strong enough to try the insane 2v2 Sidemissions…

1. ( I had a video already made but the dev told me not to upload it )

ENJOY :slight_smile:


Next time, do ALL of 1v1 Campaign while on Insane Mode.


Didn’t he done that awhile ago


That was bosses.


Oh ye, I might of missread that, but that would probably take too much fuel for him to even get to the overlord’s den without refueling.


Oh yeah…

… Then do all bosses in Insane dunno.


Oh suddenly a more edited video.



I cant have a video longer then 30+ minutes even these short 1-20 minute ones take long to make. I actually stopwatched myself this video took me 129 Minutes to make (;

Long videos = longer rendering higher storage use.

A lot of the times I edit after I comment .


Are you into long videos ?


Kinda, but don’t ask me, ask your community and fans.


are you my fan ?


Sort of, but I don’t watch any YTber’s SM videos of any kind.

Although, I did already answer your question though :


You said kinda to long videos.

I’ll name you my kinda fan


Do a stream in which you beat all campaign and all difficulties in one go