Supermechs = GrindMechs?

You know i enjoy the game and all but i feel like 98% is grinding and 2% is fun and i just really wish supermechs could add something unique to the game to make it a bit less boring.:thinking::ok_hand:


The fun of the game is the campaign (when you’re new to the game) because then when you finish the campaign you have to do the same as every day

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Do you think clan wars would help wth this?

Anything extra would help out this game alot


Yes, but there’s autopilot.
I spend 10 times as much time grinding as doing other things on SM, but the autopilot means SM grinds in the background while I do other stuff, so SM is the game I spend the most and least time on.

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Wait what? But dont you have to check in and restart the level when its finished?

You forgot the 15% paying part.

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