Supermechs getting boring for higher players


So i was talking to a higher player and he stated that supermechs is getting boring because of the lack of upcoming events and nothing new to myth and max. I respectfully agree. Please add more item portals.


You mean trafi, we need more item portals to keep players


Dump item portals, Newbie League rules.


everyone , they are not happy

game nothing is normal,

every day fighting hard all the time
soon we will dead tired









im wanting some new items. be better if something new came in. trafi is out of things to max lol.


What do you mean “getting”?


I’m sitting at rank 7-5 and it’s boring already.


Item portals.
I just heard that Sarah will release some of them.


omg please @Sarah247


i mean getting… there isnt a better word for it and can be more basic…

not in my dictionary that is…


It’s a source of continuing frustration that the majority of people who frequent this forum are too young to get any word humour that’s even slightly subtle.