Supermechs gave me an l to m

I got an l to m like @Andy_Doan
Is it good


you could’ve posted it on the flexthread instead of making a whole topic about it
it’s mediocre at best


That’s possibly the worst weapon in the game. Even though it has very low weight, the costs isn’t worth it.


Not if you know how to use it.

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Why would you use something that has higher cost than drain, has massive backfire, and only does decent damage?

Because it’s decent…

Did you just seriously say that? Show me a top rank build using it then, if it’s decent.

Decent doesn’t mean making it up to the top.

Plus,top builds only involve the same builds.Either Magmas,Sorrows or UPC and Frantics.

This little weapon has nothing against either uverused weapons or straight-up unfair ones;it’s from another category.


Let me shine my darn light

My bad, show me a rank 4-5 mech using it.


Oopsmy bad, showing you a rank 2, now take the food you god damn eyesore!

I’m sorry your grim reapers hp can’t do you any good to use energy weapons with backfire that isn’t named unstable power cell, it’s called IQ. Clearly he wanted to win against heat counters and physical tryhards.

Why do you think I still use Grimreaper? Just because it’s my profile doesn’t mean I use it. And are you that childish to insult my IQ after I just posted a comment to you? You’re more juvenile then I thought.

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Overall not great, can be useful for some builds but honestly I’d rather run a malice beam and that’s saying something. Sorry about your luck bro.

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I think malice has a higher kg? And maybe he doesn’t know what it is, maybe we can tell him if he is still active.

Tell him what

This text will be blurred

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About what malice beam is

How do you blur text

Click options, then blur text. Also it’s pretty straightforward what a malice beam is buddy

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He wouldn’t know probably, I mean, he looks new and thanks. This text will be blurred

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