SuperMechs FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Could Trading be a thing?

A. Yes, it could be a thing. But it would be a bad investment and move for TacticSoft and for the players. This is because some players may choose to create or use accounts to collect items and send them to their main account. This is a loss in profit for TacticSoft and an advantage for the players.

Q. What is the best way to get Tokens?

A. On a weekly basis, these methods are the most rewarding token-wise:
Raid (avg. 75)
Ads* (420)
Dailies (70)
Monthly/Login (avg. 30)

On a spontaneous basis:
Occasional portal (45 for Gold Portal, 30 for Item Portal)
Campaign, (approx. 2500)
Special Quest (avg. 20)

*may be outdated

Q. What is the hardest item to get in the game?

A. There are different rarities for each item and no one knows what is the rarest. Most will agree it is any of these:
Platinum Plate, Magma Blast, Bunker Shell, Maximum Protector.

Q. When was SuperMechs created?

A. SuperMechs started off as a mini-game within another game created by TacticSoft known as BattleDawn. It became popular enough that the developers revamped the entire idea and released it as a real game in 2012.

Q. What is BattleDawn?

A. BattleDawn is the first official game of TacticSoft and the origin place of SuperMechs. It was bought off from TacticSoft by Gato Games in 2019. It is a mmorpg of a different style.

Q. What are those glowing things that show around the mech?

A. Those are called Shields. They were part of the Legacy Era of Supermechs. We are in the Reloaded Era. The Shields help decrease damage…but for a cost of energy or heat.

Q. What is Legacy?

A. Legacy is the version of the game before Reloaded came. It contains items that are tremendously weaker and dulled than the items right now. Some handy items are still kept and are in use by some players.

Q. What are “smurfs”?

A. Smurfs are what players like to call other players that choose to drop ranks purposefully in order to get easy wins. Some extreme cases can be a Rank 4 player in Rank 10.

Q. Who is the owner of SuperMechs?

A. The owner of SuperMechs is a man named Michael Rosen. He is a private Pilot and the CEO of TacticSoft.

Q. What will happen to SuperMechs when Flash is killed off at the end of 2020?

A. As long as the Apps in Google Play Store and Apple App Store are available and the servers are up, you will still have access to SuperMechs. Not much other information is given as of writing this.

Q. What is the maximum amount of Gold that can be stored?

A. Maximum amount of Gold you can store is 2,147,483,647. The maximum positive value for a 32-bit signed binary integer.

Q. What is the maximum amount of Tokens that can be stored?

A. Same as the above post.

Q. Can the Item Shop come back?

A. Anything is a possibility. It’s only a matter of whether that possibility is high or low. In this case, a singlular Item Shop is highly unlikely. A Mech shop has been implemented though.

Q. What are the drop rates of any of the boxes?

A. This is undisclosed.

Q. Will the Unicorn Portal ever be back?

A. That is unknown to any of the players. Only the developers decide and know when what will come.

Q. What is BMMDEV?

A. The BMMDEV server is an alternate server for SuperMechs. It consists of possible future updates and confirmed future updates.

Q. How hard is it to reach Rank 1?

A. It depends on your mech, playstyle, and the opponents you face along the way. But generally, it’s hard.

Q. How much gold is needed to max a myth?

A. Depends on what item you choose to max. Premium items tend to be more expensive. From around 600k to 800k not including box prices

Q : Can you trade accounts?

A : No. That is against the Terms of Service.

Q: Can we get a Heat Valiant?

A: Yes. It is possible. But just because one type does not have a specific item, does not necessarily mean it needs it.*

*Can be for any other instances of items being requested in a specific type i.e. Heat Last Words or Energy Burning Shower

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Any FAQ you think should be added?


Now make a “whos who in the forum/game” thread.

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Wait… you can get 420 from ads?

60 a day. 12 per hour. 7 days a week. 420 a week.

Although (I did add a disclaimer) ads may not work anymore. Only a lucky few are able to magically receive them. You watch a video. Not Supersonic and whatever.

I noticed that but i know how to activate them. If you play on phone go to campaign and beat one enemy then ad will start when you close it you will have ads for tokens :slight_smile:

Well, you’re a lucky one who is able to receive tokens. Go and farm your 420 tokens. :smile:

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Just got 8 right now :slight_smile: 8 more in 30 mins

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More questions asked to me when I go to chat with main acc

Q : How hard it is to reach Rank 1?

A : It depends on your mech, playstyle, and the opponents you face along the way. But generally, it’s hard.

Q : How much gold is needed to max a myth?

A : Roughly 700,000 - 1,000,000-ish gold, but that may depend if you bought boxes while maxing one or you have saved up boxes.

Q : Can you trade accounts? (actually rarely by some players, but a serious question)

A : No. That’s against the Terms of Service in Supermechs.

Q : Can you get Guaranteed Legendaries from Premium Packs / Boxes?

A : No, you can still get Epics and purely based on RNG.

Q : Are Premium Packs / Boxes worth it?

A : Depends on what you get from one. If you get bad Epics, then not. If you get at least a useful Legendary, then good for you.

Q : Can I have a girlfriend / boyfriend?

A : … Sure, but go outside or download a dating app first.


A new system for trading
-No donating
-each item has its own star, there are two kind of item: l-m items and the others so there are two kind of star: metal and gold. You can not trade the others to get l-m items and depend on star, a trade will happen or won’t.
Example: ash creator has 5 stars and solar touch has 2.5 stars so you can give people 1 ash creator and get 2 solar touch
Warning: levels can not affect to the star of items.

This system is basically for fair trades
So should we add trading ?

Q: Can I have the premium box/premium pack drop rate?
A: no

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Epics - 80-85%
Legendary - 10-15%

Q: how often a legendary kraken drop is going to destroy your hopes and dreams?

A: Very oftenly


More like 0.000000010%-0.000000015%


Nah, you off by 1.0000000%.


Thanks for using some of my Q&As lol

does that trading question not fit in with the first question I answered?

Ah, my monitor must be fooling me then.

Wheres the “Why she doesnt loves me?” Question?? .-.


Is there anything that tells us what everything in the Arena Shop is/does? For example, Heat Capacity. Whenever I have someone ask me all I find are vague threads in the forums explaining some of it.

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