Supermechs Fanart - Weapons Remixes


I have been fiddling with stuff and i have been making some weapon remixes. figured this would be a good place to post em. All parts and weapons are by the Supermechs Team.
i received the sprite sheets from KilliN thanks to him.
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SuperMechs Sandbox this is where you can post your sprites and any creations you come up with. (:




i know. i got the full supermechs sprite sheets






some will be off a little. just so you know…






Drawing (3)


remixed cooldown blocker (1)


Drawing (2)


Me encantaría verlos en flash, me encanta lo que has hecho


Why don’t you just post these on SUPERMECHS SANDBOX?

just as @Transcendant said


i know the topic. i want my topic cause if i dont make my own, it wont be seen


Oh I saw it. But I always go into Supermechs Sandbox to see everyone’s work. Not some new sandbox of supermechs. Also, I prefer to draw out my own weapons.


i understand. im not that good of an artist… so i prefer to digitally do mine. if you check my recent replies on that topic, you would understand why mine arent the best…


I still find them pretty good. Once you figure out how to work some bits out, you might end up with something like this.
39 PM
And yes I drew this.

Practice makes perfect :wink:


this is my latest remix