Supermechs Easter eggs and in game bugs


I was playing on my secondary account and somthing very odd/cool shot out of my terror cry, it was a chicken!!! i think i found somthing cool the devs added and even though i have no pic i will try to obtain 1 (this is not a lie) i just think it is very cool :slight_smile:


Yeah I get that once in a while… I think it was from Thanksgiving and they just didn’t remove it completely


my last words still fire a chicken sometimes :joy:


Hey on the talk of grenade lanchers, why dont they add in heat grenade lanchers and heat rear hits




Its been here since day 1 of reloaded.

Its an easter egg


yeah two days ago i fought with somebody in arena,i overheated him so he should auto-shutdown but he was able to attack me twice so yeah gj developers


It’s a recurring easter egg in Super Mechs~ Don’t be alarmed. These chickens are only made out of rubber :wink:

You can check it out here on DwightxYT’s channel! The picture is his :grinning:


sorry for off topic but there are manny other erors


they said that this is a eror made by coin shop update,i saw this with my eyes so there s no replay eror


I agree.
Make the maths.
Even if the dude had a 19% buff on his heat cap,he’d still be off by a little over 30.
That’s impossible.


Just like the relics :slight_smile:


i tryed to contact developers but still no answer,well they are useless as always


@rrr, don’t be rude :slight_smile:
They’re doing the best they can to keep us happy and support themselves.
All good games have bugs, but who cares? It’s fine.


Just support themselves :slight_smile:
Did the miner make us happy?
Or the removal of 1v1 and 3v3?
Or maybe the #Reload?

I see you’re new around here :blush:


@L4K3 I am not new, and they are doing the best they can to make the game better. They’ve had really bad slip ups, like the Reload for old players, but they need the community to grow, too.


The community won’t grow if all they launch are destructive updates.


you know mathematical problems are not bugs.
1+1=4, is not that hard to corect to 1+1=2.
And things like unfairness in chances of obtaining items.
A single item can change the outcome of a battle… and that is unfair.
It has become a game in wich luck is the most crucial aspect of it… you either had “luck” getting it… or not.


@L4K3 they were destructive for old players, but did you notice the influx of new players?
More than the old Super Mechs, and even the World Map age :slight_smile:
Games change from time to time, and it’s natural. Don’t have to be salty about it. I was even a r1 full stars, but I understand why they did it.


The new players do not know what 3v3 was,they do not know what #Reloaded meant to us either…
New players are little to unaffected by their killer updates.