Supermechs ⛅ Cursed Images & meme [PART 2] 2019 [THE COMMUNITY]

Supermechs :partly_sunny: Cursed Images & meme [PART 2] :movie_camera: 2019

Part 2 + Added names + added no copyright + images lasted longer + more images. Thanks everyone for all the images keep uploading more !!!

(if you posted in the cursed image thread I added your name in the video along with your picture)


u put someones reply to me so im technically featured in ur video lol thanks dwightx

“I didn’t want to post this one” - DwightX
But really, he did :stuck_out_tongue:

lol why a Di** on a mech

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look in top right corner

That’s mine you little sh!t. Dwight already acknowledged that it’s mine when I talked to him in the comments. Don’t steal other people’s work and put it off as your own maggot.

Mine was in :P, watched the video close up seeing if mine was in there

I wonder if someone could use that hp in arena, what would that be like?

too overpowerd
20 characters

Look at this shitty bug

Makes me uncomfortable

When u boost an item with rare or common you wont see how many levels it will level up that makes me scared on upgrading i dont even know how much it cost

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You can share this in the cursed image thread.


When I want to make finish move, Game cursed

Im stuck in a battle :smiley:

Post that in the cursed images thread not here

Oh, sorry… :slight_smile: