SuperMechs Color Kit


Color kits are no longer available… When will they be restored?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hasnt it been like 4 or 5 months since they were removed? lol


why keep posting this thread…why?

when the colors want be back, they will back… UPGRADE!!! and you will get paint :slight_smile:


But its black… i dont like black. I want my mech to be white or pink. :sob:


I have more 50 pink items :stuck_out_tongue:


U and ur bf madao used hacks to get colors amongst other things. Gtfoh. :unamused:


but this bug fixed because of me…


Oh i know u reported it but it was also obvious u used it. Hopefully it was only to get paint and low level items and not fusion or mythicals. But only u would know the truth. :stuck_out_tongue:


I still did not understand why they took the option of painting the mechs.

The mech look does not interfere with game play, customizing your mech is a lot more fun, painting, putting perks, renaming if you could put a different name for each mech I have.


Colors, low level items, fusion, its all fixed now. Due to my request. There was a problem with resistance, i report about this bug more month, I hope this will be fixed soon.


colors are boring… :smiley:


I like how u literally repeated ur last post completely ignoring what i was talking about in my previous one. :joy::joy::joy:
Thats some classic kig there for ya.


I want dah color kits back!!!


color kits is just colors!


The resistance bug is fixed! :slight_smile:


thanks… :slight_smile:


I would really like the same thing! :slight_smile: