Supermechs Battle Royal and Survival Royal"


There should be a “Battle Royal” and “Survival Royal” option of three type. Four players, eight or 16. The idea is too win the royal between three type, four, eight or 16 players. The rounds of each Battle type would be between two rounds of four players, three rounds of eight players, and four rounds of 16 players with either one, two or three mechs. Now in the survival requires one mech of each four players, two mech’s of each eight players, and three mechs of each 16 players.
Example: Battle Royal of four players: A, B, C, and D.

A vs B and C vs D

B and C win the first round, and battle the finale round.

B vs C… B wins the finale round with grand prize…

Wait, there is a prize? Yes, yet there also is a entry fee.

Entry fee is either SM credit or tokens. A player can create his/her own Battle Royal of either SM credit, tokens, or both SM credit and tokens. This can be fun to see who is better among four, eight, or 16 other players. You can even do it against players you don’t know. If the entry fee of a four Battle Royal is 50,000 Sm credit for each player, the grand prize would be 200,000 SM credit. If the entry fee is 20 tokens among a four battle royal, the prize would be 80 tokens. If the entry fee of a 16 player battle royal were to be 100,000 SM credit and 20 tokens, the grand prize be 1,600,000 and 800 tokens. That’s just an idea.

Can anyone be in the battle the royal battle of mine? NO… The battles go by ranking class and weight of the creator’s mech. Rank 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 12-15, 16-18, and 19-20. It also goes base on the creator’s weight, which would be the weight limit round up to 50s and 100s. So, say you are rank 18 and your mech weight is 825, the weight limit be 850.

What about the survival royal?

The survival royal has two differences. The different part is the Hit Points, and remaining usage of weapons and ammo. In the Battle Royal, your hit point bar is full in each round with full ammo and the number of usage of certain weapons back in play. Yet, in the survival royal, your hit point bar is not full in each round. The number of hit points remaining in the first round is what you start off in the second round and so on. So here is an idea: In a four player survival royal A vs B and C vs D, and A wins against B with 231 hit points remaining and D wins against C with 200 hit points remaining. In the finale round A starts with 231 hit points and D with 200. Now say in a 16 player survival royal with three mechs it be base on what you have remaining after each round. So example: You win the first round with 3 mechs remaining, yet two have a full hit point bar and ammo, yet one has 71 hit points left with one weapon with unlimited usage, and no ammo. That’s what you start off in the second round. So get the idea, or more explaining.

So did I miss anything? Need more explained? Or is this too much?


This its a great idea to avoid the boring routine also its pretty well thinked on balance exept that a rank 1 can deal easy with a lower rank but sounds me too much to clash royale for my taste and indeed the game idea looks too similar but this game dont have enought to have an event equal to royal first than all the interest would be pretty low because you depend of other too and use tokens here its like forbidden for free users also i dont think this server could manage a great event like that but i got a similar idea some weeks ago that its more related to this game issues

clan battles and a major battle WAR
ill post it soon on ideas and suggestions if youre interested


The idea is that your betting on yourself getting others to agree on entry fee. It doesn’t have to be tokens. It also give the option of SM credit. This idea, I see in a lot of games in different ways.

You are right about low interest, and server usage. Might not be many players in the game to get interested, yet new players might. It can attract more people. Word of mouth. It has some pros and cons at this idea Yet, it can be something different.


hoo i see
as i say i like the idea
and yes i just say the royale refference, since royale a lot of games copy those ideas
well i feel it could be more work than reward for devs because this isnt an action game you know so thats why i feel isnt too convenient
but you never know maybe theyll do it