Supermechs and the mass amount of useless items


They should update supermechs for players to have the ability to create 6 more mechs but only use 3 to fight online battles with


Isn’t 6 enough why you need 12


It takes much time to find you a 3v3 battle, so a 6v6 much more…

Anyways, they would be really boring the 6v6 battles if 6 push mechs vs 6 push mechs…


Because the lack of not being able to use more weapons to build more mechs


Im not saying to increase battle numbers just increase the mechs u can build


6v6 battles would be fun even if its stall mechs. After all, pokemon have 6v6 battles
large amount of time to find will surely prevent 6v6 battles for appearing as new arena mode, but if we could call for it as private battles in chat it will be pleasant gift


pokenmon isnt same as supermechs


right. Pokemon is a extremely successfull game (both overall and compared to SuperMechs), its an ideal SM should aim for


Lol why are you comparing Pokemon with SM?


well if you take 1v1 battle its different things
what I am comparing is well-made multi-pokemon battles, with somewhat-less-perfect multi-mech battles


You don’t change parts of your Pokemon


you can breed and train it as much as you like; its different process than merely changing parts, but still gives same result of heavily varying stats