Supermechs β›… (10 Hour Sale) Opening x4 Premium πŸ“¦

No Unlisting, Today Uploaded to the Public.
Just sharing what I got from the x4 Premiums I opened !!!


you finally use my suggestion

you are lucky that you get 2 legendarys


You got the Face Shocker that has a good hit level compared to all other drones but a little heavier than the PYS drone.

Until nerfaholics get to it anyway, we’ll see.

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selling on the cheap nobody needs unclaimed thing. A drone is interesting and only for electricians, but in order to pump it is necessary to add time and resources and… and another three legends.

The confidence to SMtrick was long gone.

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I’m open three this boxes too yesterday. First five epic. Two - four epic and one legendary teleporter (not bad). Three four epic and one legandary (shit - energy leg white-orange ugrade class). sry for my bad eng

i have buy premiums box or premiums park always 0 legendary, I do not agree :rage:

Seems like there’s about a 10% chance of legendary, so 50% chance per premium box maybe. I opened 1 yesterday and got 5 epics, but I’ve gotten lucky with some other stuff lately so can’t complain :slight_smile: