Supermech-titans-show you own titan


I actually thought for using a Shogun torso and legs, but those doesn’t exist in Workshop unlimited. -_-


Now that would be better.

Also, Backbreaker or War Hammer @Padaruyos?


It’s actually War Hammer, sorry i confuse one for another a lot of times. I’m gonna edit that.


3 Swords.
All weapons use energy.
You have low energy.
This should be called “Destroyed by Energies.”


Cool mechs and on my mech i forgot to replace Flaming Grappling Hook with Shocking Grappling Hook!


Now it’s good


Great all clan can kill it with 1 member :ok_hand:
10/10 points.


Cool Titan and is a good boss!


Even when it have no cooling so after 1 shoot it will shut down itself ~forever~
Nice avatar btw…


Real but add heat mass booster.


Good name btw… too.




You should make a introduce topic first :b


ok but not now srry.