Supermech art compitition starts now! Show me your arts now!

The compititon starts now! @Sarah247
The rules:
You are only allowed to show one art per person. ̈́
You have to do the art yourself.
You are not allowed to use a computer or do this online.
No printers.
no cheating.
THE art has to be about super mechs.
I will take care of the voting process so do not care about that.
The best art is the winner as always.
THE showing of THE arts Will last for a week.
Sarah Will give a prize


why do u keep saying price?
do you mean 2 say prize or is there some extreme discount we get?

I said prize sry…



Good job,. …

@Andy_Doan go look at the other topic that says its starting cuz thats where mines is at.
(the topic with L4K3’s entry)

I DO not see it

Go to the topic “Everything about the art competition, it has started”
If you don’t see them it’s probably because your computer/phone can’t upload them.