Super outposts?

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So we have 10 relics that bring us the win but is that really enough?

What do you say to the idea of having a outpost somewhere placed on the world which is also needed to win the era.

Not sure if it will work out but the outpost can have powers of its own if you controll it for a certian amount of ticks eg. it can give you a free ion everyday or smth. else im sure you have good stuff in your minds please suggest it and dont forget to vote :smile_cat:


Personally i feel like an outpost that’s not movable wouldn’t be very fun. Also a super outpost would give too much advantage to the owner who is likely to already be rank 1 and i don’t think we need to give the rank 1 alliance any more advantages than they have currently.

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that’s why its not going to be something you can just easily get like relics all alliances will have the chance to fight around it when time comes :slight_smile:


Having a super outpost would just encourage everyone to plant in a particular area and fight over it if its placed at Tick 1. And if its placed at the same time relics are, teams at war can just call foul because it might be placed in a spot that ‘favours’ the enemy.


The smart teams would let others kill super ops first and then kill them. Im not sure about this idea.


battledawn is a game of tactic diplomacy and skill. It will make the players play accordingly knowing that


maybe rework the idea of giving ions and give something else .
can be used in special eras though it would be fun to see how people will fight for it


it was just a idea I was waiting for ideas from players too but nothing came :sweat_smile: and to prevent it from top alliance just taking it and focusing on it it can be dropped somewhere where it will be fair instead of being there all era :slight_smile:


I dislike the fact its in a specific place. Lets say we are on Earth and there are 4 teams. One controls africa, one controls america, another asia and the last one in australia. Where would you place the super out post to make it fair? at least with relics there are multiple and can be distributed.


Make it the Admin colony :imp:

If you conquer him, he’ll ion your enemies!! :imp::imp::imp::imp::imp:

P.S. I’m joking


problem with moving it around is they can stack it somewhere on see or in their own hive same as relics not moving will automaticly make it their hive or not which will make it easier for other alliances to grab it


lmao what is that grammar :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside I think that it’s a terrible idea. Only way this would work is if you did what Alex did on e1 era 35 and make pretty much immovable relics that spawned next to the top 10 alliance leaders. Otherwise it would be too unbalanced.