Super movientos for the mechs


Hello everyone
It has occurred to me something new that would be interesting that they included special abilities to mechs:
I mean make as a special movement (super attack) that could make mechs according to their attribute and sea HEAT, ENERGY OR PHYSIC

In the HEAT: the special movements could be in attack linked to the lava fire or heating such as:
“Explosion of magma” this ability could use mech that they had for example:
2 lavas spray
Steam barrier with magama
-magnma lava barrier range
-god mode magma barrier and / or lava spray
I gave them some ideas
This movement could be used only when the rival mechs reach a certain amount of hat accumulated:
Your mechs> attacks 80 heat
Rival> attacks and cools

  • But in the movement counter

Still 80s
Your mechs> attacks and makes 56 heat
Rival> attacks and cools

The “Super Motion” meter reaches 136

-only until the Super Attack counter reaches 300 or 350. The move is executed by kicking 160 Heat and 100 Heat damage with -5 Resistance Drain.
With this movement you could break the balances so that the energy mechs have to be changed constantly.


In the enegy could be an attack that your main objective is to drain and do enough damage. The mechs that could use this movement could be mechs that their approach drain the energy it could be mech:

-pulsepás with electric mass and / or elctro piercing shotgun-cold fire

-modo with electric mass and energy dron or super nova

-mechs with more weapons energy

  • These would be ideas


Mechs using this movement would have to do damage energy instead of draining because the main objective of the movement would be to drain

Your mechs> take out your drone (energy), end your turn and attack the dronde that does 25 energy damage

Rival> Use a heat gun (fire wall) and take out your drone (heat), end your turn and regenra your energy

  • But the “super attack” counter is in 25

Your mech uses a claw (energy) does 36 damage energy and trample it (electric mass) does 95 damage energy

  • The “super attack” counter rises to 156

… so successively until the counter reaches the 380 (in this counter I put more because the enegy mechs do much damage to causes of your energy), the movement is executed

Provides -10 energy resistance
A drainage of 120
A damage of 80
(But as the rival mechs almost did not have enegy this becomes the normal of damage)
This damage happens to be 180 to 200
Note: this is just an idea for you to implement or improve


This occurred to me more since the physical movements could trigger several reactions that could benefit them


“Earthquake or tectonic movement” could be the movement of the physical because it is a movement that causes several destructive effects in our society.
The way in which they could fill the bar of the “super attack” would be with drain of physical resistance the objective could be of -18 or -20 (made by the mechs) to load the bar of the “super attack”

The EARTHQUAKE movement could happen

180 Physical damage
That the rival drone is deactivated
The shields go out
-3 drain of physical resistance

The mechs could be the ones with the following items:

-god mode with steel barrier and armor breker and bullets
-hell fire with steel stampide, armor breaker and evil rock
-mechs with metal shreadder, ultra nova or rear hit mega, steel barrier and rock bitter

  • These are ideas that could be implemented or improved

Well these are some ideas that occurred to me and could be done more so that it could improve the experience of the game

Thank you for your attention
ATT: bahamut-sploner :slight_smile:


I like this but
its too op and specific
and it needs another things before to make a base for these ideas
and also i think youre giving god mode too much power even when its the most op torso, you need to think on other people
Let me add you this to your idea:
-First than all a player needs to select the supermove for its mech on the workshop that way players dont abuse of this
-These abilities would be unlocked by
1 reach lvl 20
2 reach level 30
3 get mythical legs
-Can only be used once per battle
-Pasives can used all time during battle if the player meet all what its needed to activate them

and now for the ideas…
on Heat:

-Mega Launcher: Missiles do double damage during the activation turn
only could be used at 50% of hp during 4 turns(doesnt matter if its used or not)
need to have at least 1 mythical that consumes missiles

-Lava Carpet: only for explosive mythical legs
it can deal a 1-3 ranged atack if player already used the legs 2 times
its just a normal attack of this legs but with range
but just once

-Magma armor(pasive): for a mech with full explosive damage, only could be used if you overheated your enemy or you have beeing overheated at least 1 turn deals back half of dmgs received from 1-2 range

On electric:

-Mega drain: drains all the energy of the oponent only can be used at 1/3 hp and needs an electric weapon that drains more than 30 energy, no matter the range

-Electro bolt: only could used with electric mythical legs
Drains 80 energy and deals 70 electric dmg on 3-5 range
can only be used if legs havent used for atack

-Energy field(pasive): your mech regen its multiplied by 3
can only be used with a mech that have at least 3 electric mythicals

for Physicals:

-Devastation realm: wanna destroy your enemy easier? lets do this
can only be used at half life or less and have at least 1 mythical that uses bullets, every weapon with bullets consume gains +5 resistance drain and +20 dmg

-Earthquake only for mythical legs
deals double of its current damage and deactivates drone and shield
the oponent need to have activated at least their drone or shield can only be used once per battle

-Absolut domainPassive: need at least 5 mythicals and 3 of them need to be physical weapons
gives a +2 range to all weapons except melee weapons
activates when passed turn 5

with these its easy to make it posible in the game and also more usefull for all without restrictions


Thank you very much for reading the topic,
Agreeing with the theme of adding the super moves had a lot of ideas for them but wanted to do the simplest so that they could understand (a template of what they can implement in the game) would also make the game interesting because it would help certain mechs.



Agree the game needs power ups with nice looking to be more attractive
My ideas of your idea are to improve the dmg type of each mech xD and also give the player more posibilities of strategies

i like strategy games but this have so many restrictions, no history, no motivations, no special events, that even if you want to play it it get bored to easy if you are looking for a strategy challenge