Super mechs war stories

hi wait my new story is missing 1 week I like the spoiler I will give you a little: year 3050 the war has been very hard but we won many men died the aliens left the planet but still and robots a small fleet called the interceptors are traveling in search of them but the battle still begins …


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Your grammar could be better.

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And you could also be better, but you see … that’s life …

You should try to write a story too, so you give us grammar lessons to everyone.

I want to know how the story continues … I think aliens took something from Earth, something that the mechs want to recover …

He posted the extract for critique, so I provided one. The lack of grammar made the prose hard to follow in places and could use a once over. But sure, resort to playground classics such as “no you” and throw up another needless conflict wepawet, might I suggest you call my stupid face smelly next.


You already have a job, Misfit. You can help the mate by correcting the grammar in his story. What do you think about the idea? He writes the story and you are responsible for polishing the grammar.

I think it would be even though I just put a short story

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but I like the idea of ​​someone helping me in the story

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Yes … Pinky and the Brain … both search all the time to start conflicts with HardToKill players :exclamation:

But it is easy to explain, why they do it …

Both are not able to be successfull in this game (SuperMechs) even both throw thousands of $$$ into this game.

So after even their Clan fall to garbage level, they have nothing better to do then try to attack every player / clan, who is much more successfull :exclamation:

Pinky and the Brain in new version :

Pinky :

Brain :



I think Misfit will be happy to help you with english grammar.

But if he cannot do it, you can also write in your mother tongue. People who write usually do it in their own language and then someone will take care of translation.

Animo! Go ahead with your story!

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Or @Wepwawet could just shut up.


technically the first readers of my story will be those who speak Spanish and if someone wants to translate it into English I would appreciate it even though this story would have a lot of work is not something that will be read in a few minutes my story will be very, very long so if someone translate it into English I will appreciate it very much but if nobody wanted to do it myself I would translate it but it would take something


in these moments I am looking for people to help me in the story and in the next part I am working


Escribe en español, así podrás expresarte mejor. Luego vemos el asunto de la traducción.

Debes trazar primero un esquema de tu historia, que debe tener un comienzo, un desarrollo y un final. Es un cuento corto, puedo ayudarte en la parte técnica, pero la idea debe ser original tuya.

Los cuentos primero se escriben como salen y luego se revisan para editarlos, o sea se “pulen”.



Gracias eso me ayudara un monton! asi los lectores del idioma ingles van a poder leerlo sin ningun fallo


It’s going to leave on Friday the story is thinking if it would be good idea to throw it on Friday so wait


I want to tell you that before putting the story I want someone only one person to read it first so they can tell me their criticism so wepwawet you want to read my story first and know if you are missing something

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dejala en mensaje privado.