Super Mechs Video Contest


Contest cancelled

Everyone can go home now

Thanks for coming


Hahaha I love your comment :smiley:

btw Mechanators series is still continued

also if you guys have some good clips (like nice drop or lucky fight) you can send it to me and you may be featured in next mechanators. I would love to spend more time on editing than on recording and wondering what would be interseting so you can help in making Mechanators even better :)))


good idea

just an ask

will prizes be able to use all tacticsoft games or just able to SM :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

guess just SM


Owning tokens on SM is the same thing as owning on BD, your BDSM accounts are connected to each other


r u mad bru?


Video contest update!

I just finished going through all the videos. Awesome job everyone!
Now, I will be sending them to the team to vote on the top 10.
Once we have the 10 finalized I will be posting on the forum so the community can vote.
Thanks again everyone!


a bloody box opening or something similarly unoriginal and effortless better not make it to the top 10.


i swear if i win , ill do nothing.


Dw, it wont be a box opening. It will be MAXING 5th Item Devouring Paws #SMFAN


There was no box openings just a lot of users gameplay videos

Good to know :wink:


what tf is this then?

and no , i did not watch it , i right clicked the thumbnail and got the link.

You aint getting my views


Does This Have SUPERMECHS FAN In The Title?
Does This Have ANYTHING To Do With The CONTEST?

This video has nothing to do with anything but thank you for advertising for me…


actually it does with your channel.

and i dont care


this is slightly wrong. Free reds on SM dont transfer to reds on BD.


No the video doesn’t have anything to do with the thread below.


yes because i said that ._.


If you didn’t care you wouldn’t of linked my video


So what are the 10 videos choosen ?


I said next week.
Patience please :slight_smile:


Next Year (only few hours) :exclamation: