Super Mechs Video Contest


im the master of low effort content this is what you get

more of these soon k thanks


That’s amazing. Cantwait for more content


No one mentioned that there is only one day left…

There is one day left xD


Top 10 - : Premium Pack
1st place - 1,000 Tokens
2nd place - 750 Tokens
3rd place - 500 Tokens

Hi @Sarah247 who won the contest? There’s a sale going on so it would be cool if we’d all know ; - ;


Nobody has won yet. We’ve not voted.


I would like to be able to downvote. :slight_smile:


Dwight was hoping the SM team would vote and pick a winner. Unfortunately its us lowly commoners that are doing it


I think they should watch out for alts. Especially if certain people get any votes at all even when their videos are absolute trash

And no voting on yourself


I don’t see any polls
"> 5. The SM team will choose 10 which will be brought to a community vote on the forum"

The SM team isn’t us


I know. They are taking their time. They’re most likely not even deciding on videos. Just hoping we forget. Kinda like how they did with the “ask the devs” event where they only answered questions when ppl nagged them but as soon as ppl were satisfied (theg purposely made sure to answer one question of each of the liudest ppl that would nag the most), they locked the thread and stopped answering questions.


One word: incompetence.


Nice mask. Is that Dwight?


Hey everyone,
WOW! We received a lot of videos!
Now the team is looking at the videos and will post by the end of the week the videos the community will vote on.
You guys did awesome!!!


Let’s cough up some numbers. :wink:


Sarah replies soon after…



I know, it’s late for this video :cry:
but I think it has gone better, evolution! :grin:

I hope you like, friends. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Merry Christmas for everyone! :blush:


but today is Sunday​:thinking::thinking::thinking:

or it’s like rules of sm, when week ends we need to wait another week to get a reward/items/medals


This game is international. Work week for a lot of countries start on a Sunday as they have Friday and Saturday off.


I thought the same but I noticed that tacticsoft is from Israel. We need to wait another week XD


were the results announced?

i dont think soo.

and its 25th