Super Mechs Video Contest


Hey fight me in supermech, I’m the name Creper Gamer, O.K. ?:confused:


Nice man :+1:


Keep it up :upside_down: *insert 20 char. notif :angry:


I play chrome and I do not know why they say it’s better firefox or something like that xD


For me the browser is not needed because this game doesn’t lag maybe one day lag will be an issue


That’s not his point. He’s showing that this guy is playing with a cheat program opened.
We have a kind smartass here, he auto reported himself.

@Sarah247 @Mohadib


I hope that everyone knows that you simply can’t hack SM with on-pc cheat tool :))))

Also some of you guys forgot to add a tag to video. Isn’t it important?
I am watching all of them and some are kinda interesting (I really liked x5 chicken) :smiley: Keep it up :+1:


So if you’re cheating, it’s unworthy to play because you can take out tokens with so many tutorials that a and xD


Have you tried, since you know this?


I feel like you have the application someone does not think the same?


Thank you although that video had low qaulity because I recorded it on the phone ;-;

Idk if were allowed to be talking about this but Konghack Trainer is what I use to use on a different game. That was also a while ago I removed the program


what do u use for your vids?


Editing video in Adobe After Effects
Preview in Photoshop cc
Video recording:
pc - Bandicam
mobile - Scr Pro


TODAY AT 18:00 First episode of new SM series!
MECHANATORS intro available now on my channel.

MECHANATORS #01 will be available under this link in 10 minutes :slight_smile:


Hello im new on this forum but old in game, these are my videos, ill upload the 3rd one soon

what do you think?


Second one is just a copy of my idea. You even take the same mission though harder ones give more gold -_-


I Gave you guys both likes. (on YouTube too) uhh ill watch the 150 mix box opening though.


i am on


what is your ign? ill invite