Super Mechs Video Contest


@kingblinks I clickbait like mandao now


Im interested. Before even watching the video


Omg i love your video. You have great editting skills. Changing the background and the bots.


Took me a long time to edit lol


Wait till u see mine about the AI. I’ll send it to you only. Won’t upload publicly.


Its pretty trashy effects and idk what im doing, but i made up for that with content


“I would never ask something like that of you.”

You have before miss :poop: by asking me for an apologizing video.


Why would you just set yourself up like that?

Those are two different things. “Something like that”

In the example about the “apology video”, i asked you for an apology because you wronged me. And I didnt say it HAD TO be in video form. I gave you 3 options.

In the chicken video example, that would be me asking you to CHANGE a video of yours, which is your property and i have no say over besides being allowed to give my opinion, or constructive criticism.


i kinda want to make my first Supermechs Video.


go for it!:sunglasses:


Hey Guys I’m new and I have videos just go to and you’ll see my videos (2).


hey Can someone subscribe to me its Springtrap Films and it’s on youtube.


Hey Battle me my name is I’m the boss!


My new favourite topic.


sure man!

not sure what these guys are going on about, seems kinda petty


hahaha HAHAHAHA this will be a very fun event (tbh I don’t really care much about the prize I just want to see the tacticsoft team look at my cringe and see if I can make em chuckle)


it ok :kissing_closed_eyes:


Hey I have a new account its called Creper Gamer and fight me on supermechs and lets fight to defeat the evil enemy.


Hey Thanks Chucky you made the world better!!!:exclamation:


They have seen my idea look my topic !! Youtube Rewards omggg XD that was my idea too!