Super Mechs Video Contest

Create a Super Mech Video and you could WIN!

The video can be about anything related to Super Mechs so be creative.

Here is how it works:

  1. Upload videos to your YouTube Channel between November 22, 2017 - December 22, 2017.
  2. Sign up here with the link to the video you want to submit —>
  3. Add you Player tag to your description - this is found on your profile page (this is how we will reward you)
  4. Add the tag #SuperMechsFAN to the title
  5. The SM team will choose 10 which will be brought to a community vote on the forum
  6. Get Rewarded!!


  • Videos can be submitted anytime during the Contest dates
  • 3 videos per Youtube Channel
  • Videos must be about Super Mechs
  • Make sure that the video does not break any Game Rules. Do not submit a bug, exploit or hack, o
    do not use any offensive/foul language.
  • Do not use copyrighted material

Top 10 - : Premium Pack
1st place - 1,000 Tokens
2nd place - 750 Tokens
3rd place - 500 Tokens

Plus we’ll feature the videos we like on official Super Mechs Youtube channel!



This sounds like a really fun contest I wish everybody that is going to take part in it the best of luck and I’m looking forward to seeing some cool videos :slight_smile:


@kingblinks @Mordulec- If you have any tips on making Youtube video share them with the community here.


I so wanted to make a video about stereotypes , but a bit of vulgar language and eeeh , guess ill write down the script for now.

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cant we just add it in the description?


Sooo firstly some hate:
Also why are you asking ukrainian/russian hacker about advices?
The only thing that he can write here is “hack this game” because his content depends on hacked account and breaking the game rules.
And now my advices:
There should be some quality requirements I think. But if there is no quality requirements you still should go for it! My minimum is 720p30 (1280 x 720 with 30 frames per second) preferably 1080p60. And in my opinion every video should be edited. Get some free programs (I’m using VSDC video editor) and try your skills. Simplest things you can do are:
-Speeding up boring parts of the video
-Adding text
-Adding music etc.
And now some advices about Youtube - (SuperMechs Team YOU SHOULD READ THIS):
Add tags, simple titles, some kind of miniatures and descriptions! If you use no-copyright music remember that most of them require adding links to the description! And finally to build a channel upload regularly. Don’t be Super Mechs : Mech Battle Arena - don’t waste your chance!

I hope that it will be a nice competition. Don’t destroy my hope by rewarding low quality videos or hackers, please.


Okay that’s 1 video

Okay that’s 2 video

This will be my 3rd video #SMFAN video .
The end date is soon and the most videos you can do is 3 so i’m done.
I HOPE I WIN :smiley:


I used to do make some MC vids but I don’t really see the point of making SM vids unless you maybe get tips / the view of a top rank player ( And I definitely would not be able to provide any of those things)


There’s a lot of things to record as a Youtuber like me I have a ton of ideas but you need an audience 1st.

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QUESTION @Sarah247

Does “#SuperMechsFANhave to be the main title of the video?
Also Do we have to make 3 videos? is 1 video not enough?

BTW I upload supermech videos too…

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I believe Sarah means a max of 3 videos per channel.


I’m waiting your video
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I was uploading SM videos even before you started doing it. Also I haven’t said that I’m skilled or something. And no, I’m not watching another ukrainian hacker called madao san (which is ur friend btw). And who the fuuu is goofy? I called my channel Trojan and thats why I have same nickname here and in the game. Btw. my videos are going to be true FullHD (they were just upscaled earlier).


YOU :joy_cat::joy_cat::100:

one of the dumbest channels about sm

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This shited1080 looks like my 480, nice job pilot :joy_cat::+1:


Lets stop spamming
Here are some useful links for you:

  1. NCS YT channel

  2. American Captain Eternal Regular - Sm Font

  3. Online video editor -

  4. Easy Preview for your video -

  5. Alex

  6. Some sprites:

For more PM me.


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Quit correcting me i’m not changing it

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I would never ask something like that of you.

I’m just not too sure how you, realizing that it’s Thanksgiving, and the fact that those are turkey sounds, decide to yourself “hmm. Those are definitely chickens”




@Sarah247 does the video have to be public or unlisted?

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