Super Mechs - Vandal Rage testing - The best!

Hope you like it! ;D

(just reached 100 subs!)

love the music it is Faded by Alan Walker right.

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or is is Spectre from Alan Walker

Is faded. I love it too.

And it’s one of the most overused youtube beckground music


Because is NCS most popular song. Check it yourself. Go to NCS channel, go to videos, click on Sort by and click on most popular.

I personally like Spectre better

I used to listen to them

How??? (20 characters)

How what?

That icon next to your profile pic

Heheheheheheheeh Work hard, play hard and get it

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It wasn’t there yesterday. :confused:


Soooo, what can you do now?

Just the usual…

…can you ban?(20 characters)

Could, couldn’t, Hard to know

Aaaand, what does that icon even represent? What are you now? Head of something?

Soooo, you take care everyone is polite in the forum?