Super mechs should make a new torso and legs because it's been long and its nice too see something new


Make a new torso for mech


But please don’t make a Mark II God Mode that will have 1000 HP “by default”…


Agreed and agreed. :confused:


If you guys were to design this new torso what would the key features be?

personally i think it would be interesting if you had 3 new mythical torsos each with high damage resistance to 1 damage type but low to the others.

eg. 500 HP
35 explosive resistance
-10 physical resistance
-10 electrical resistance



That actually is a very good and interesting idea. It c(w)ould bring more interesting builds, or even a better better meta.


That was my thinking behind it. Going up against too many of a certain type would be balanced by using which ever of the anti mechs you needed. Would help to keep the game balanced.

Perhaps you could add a 10% heat resist to the explosive one, a 10% energy resist to the energy one and an extra 10% extra health overall bonus to the physical one?


35 is too much me thinks otherwise i like the idea. maybe people will use resistance drainers again?


May I bump? Because this is a bump ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


New torso ?
UltraSpade + Diamond shell =Lightning shell

Lava scope + Diamond shell = Boiling Shell

Diamond shell , now 10 times more cancerous :smiley:

( Jokes intended )


ayy; you forgot god mode + diamond shell


Here ya go doby

Lava Scope + God mode = Burning God

UltraSpade + God mode = Thunder God

But hey ! atleast no one uses god mode anymore :grinning:

Absolutely balanced !

( Again , jokes intended , please dont add these to the game or i will suicide )