Super mechs problems


first like @Alejandro_Hernandez sayed:

1- Now almost all items are L-M

2- The last portal was 3 weeks ago? I think

3- Now the “Premium sales” dominate SM…And with bad drops. This is just good for P2W players.

4- F2P players (like me) are frustrated because they can’t get good items, all events go to p2w players.

above we have 3 issues:

  • the first one is most of the items are L-M that means the most of the items are hard to get the second mythical transform range of items that are almost common is E-M the E-M items are ok but the problem is if don’t are a portal of L-M item is a E-M that makes the hybrid items portal the only which the items are not E-M instead was R-M with shit items instead of a good R-M item like the GR torso we need portals with the Transform Ranges of C-M and R-M because those 2 are the ones which the mythicals are the minority but at least make balanced in all mythical transform range that are C-M,R-M,E-M and L-M not low in C-M and R-M instead tactisoft makes only E-M And L-M items

  • Premium Sales dominates the game with good overall items except HEC and HHC most likely will be in one year i don’t know a torso with 2k hp with 400 weight and like that new torso with 1.5K of health on max mythical also a leg with hp of a normal max mythical torso that moves 1 space,jump 3 spaces and 180 weight just no tactisoft stop making those Premium Sales also make a “clickbait” showing you can do in a premium box but in reality is a premium pack the “sale”

  • issues of P2W players are getting more common meanwhile the F2P players gets annoyed by example a side weapon that does 700 damage on max mythical and are L-M in a Premium Sale.

you agree with all of that?

  • yes
  • no
  • im neutral

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i do this because again @Alejandro_Hernandez was right this need be stopped


this is why punctuation was invented.


not that much time ago then…

It used to be worser

Grave Diggies are Rare-Myth if I’m correct, and they came with an item portal

Also, do you say Hot Flash and Flaminator are, I quote you, “shit” ?
Because they’re not…

I won’t express myself over the rest of this thread


Try using some punctuation of your own.


Why does everyone think that everyone who has good stuff are p2w? I never invested in game but i have very good stuff. It’s just a matter of time and patience.
P.S. Raids give you what you want.


Psst, I think you mean “stuff” instead of “staff”, it’s a bit more understandable in that way ^^

Just sayin’ it, it bothered me ^^


Oops :blush: Yes, it is. Sorry, just for me eng is not native language. In most cases I use a translator becouse my natural eng hard to understand.


Don’t bother my pal David, he wrote his sentence perfectly



Take TheWolfPreys as an example, he never peid the game anything. Just check out his mechs, they are amazing for an “f2p”.

I keep forgetting what f2p means, I know p2w is pay to win, but I don’t know what f2p is.


I think Winz is a better example, F2P, has 77 L-Ms, not to mention all the ones he’s fused away…he is also Rank 1, he’s played around a Year now…

You just need patience and a lot of luck…

P2W - Pay to Win
F2P - Free to Play






Do you know what different between a lucky f2p and a unlucky f2p?
You just lucky… not everyone is like you dub…


sorry sometimes my english is bad


Nah pretty good :b
*Better than me…