Super Mechs on Steam

I know, i know. Its Kaen again with his suggestion to put some game on Steam. But Supermechs actually seems like a game yhat would be fitting on Steam.


i agree but SM needs to fill all the holes and broken lines on the game before that or it would be counterproductive for them
The game its ok but it wont have great reviews if isnt complete or if it have so many restrictions with low rewarded actions, also SM doesnt have a real thing to do after lvl 30 and rank 1 and both are easy to reach it looks more like a 3.0 beta game than a real game
even its minigame battle mechs feels more challenging because have more estrategy than SM you chose where to shoot with a different effect, and also the upgrades looks cooler because their change their appearence not the color and that have a big boost of interesting challenge


It has already reached Steam Greenlight, just waiting for approval but it was like 2 years from now.

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Help us get SuperMechs on Steam!
6. November 2014 - Tacticsoft

We completed production of a desktop version of SuperMechs for PC today and will also produce a desktop version for Mac if we’re approved on Greenlight for Steam. We currently have a browser based version as well as a version for iOS mobile devices live right now that you are welcome to try today! We will also be producing a version for Android in the very near future. You will be able to play all your favorite Mechs at work, on the go, and at home on Steam if we get the Greenlight approval.

Please vote yes for us today!

Read it by yourself:

It has already been approved and greenlit. Steam has reached out to tacticsoft to try to get the game to Steam. It’s all on Tacticsoft now.

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@Sarah247 I cant wait for it!!!