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I’m not fully aware of what the situation is at tacticsoft, and what your plans are for Super Mechs and where it fits in the greater scheme of things (vs battle dawn etc.); however it’s pretty obvious that the game is being given a lot of attention, what with the new update etc. Now that the new forum’s been up and running for a while, it’s also pretty apparent that Super Mechs has a healthy following, ranging from day-old pilots to veterans of many years, all with their own perspective.

I’ve been led to understand that to date, most of the mod-work around here’s being taking care of mostly part-time by Battledawn volunteers/staff and of course by the lovely but overworked @Sarah247. Since I joined the forum I keep getting the feeling that most of the mod/admin staff are less “connected” with the game than most of the veteran players here and while they do their best to “keep the forums clean”, I believe that it’s also cause for friction.

My question to the admins is: does it make sense to appoint a few dedicated Super Mechs mods?

I say this without implying any insult to anyone, but I think that having a few people who are more familiar with Super Mechs and can maybe empathise better with the communities’ issues would go a long way in improving relations with the player base.

Is this something that makes sense? And is this something that the other players who frequent this forum want?


I agree, The current staff do a good job but a group of moderators who play the game and have a good connection to the player base would be very beneficial, issues could be directly reported instead of writing a forum post that gets ignored and buried.

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To make game better veteran is important, I have seen many FPS games take suggestion from veteran players and improve game before launching. Sometimes veteran have better experience than developers. It’s win win situation at the end game win.

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right , they need to see the game from our point of view, for which they themselves must be involved as players


When they have a mod application available, majority of the kids would sign up because they wanted to be cool and want to get attention. Very few adults would sign up for this because they don’t have time to play this game 24/7


You have a point, but I guess the admins/devs would be responsible enough to conduct some sort of interviews and familiarise themselves with prospective candidates first.


Simply put, being a forum moderator gives no benefit to how the game is run. You do not get perks with the SM team for being on the moderator team. The job is simple. Keep the forums clean. We haven’t opened up for new moderators lately simply because the size of the community does not require us to do so at the moment.

Otherwise, we simply look out for those whom look like they have good potential to become a moderator via their actions here on the forums. A willingness to help the game voluntarily of their own volition, patience, a positive personality/outlook, some self motivation and more PATIENCE (as I’m sure some of you have noticed, moderators often take a bit of a beating at times). We actually reached out to some SM players previously on the old forums. Some turned us down and some have simply become less active.

Essentially, if we see good potential, we keep an eye on them and if the bill fits, we’ll reach out. Sometimes it’s simply a case of the person being too young.

On the BD side, there’s a lot more player involvement however with how the gameplay is done. We have small teams we’ve put together for such things to help out, etc. We have the BD maintenance team that helps test things and helps with quality assurance in some things. There is the AANC/BDA which mentors new players and teaches them. We used to have a news team as well (that however is no longer functioning). Through this, we can naturally see members of those groups cope with responsibilities, organization, deadlines, etc. SM however does not have these things. Hence, a lot of BD players ending up in such roles. We simply have more access for exposure to determine who would be a good fit.


Thanks for the input, your reply’s pretty much the reason why I asked the above. Yeah, I’m not talking about having mods with perks or anything of the sort.

I keep hearing how BD has a bigger following and needs more people to fill in the myriad functions like quality control, training etc. From your answer I understand that as a moderator you see that the SM section only requires someone to clean up the foul language, break up fights etc.

Another question: How small exactly is the Super Mechs community compared to the Battle Dawn community?


It’s quite the opposite actually. SM community is much much larger. The BD community is smaller, however, the folks here are just all extremely dedicated haha. BD is 10 years old.

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Wow ok, I didn’t expect to hear that. I’ve been around a while, but not a decade lol - I remember some of the “older” players saying how super mechs started out as a mini game in BD?

Going back to the original topic, I think that the above supports the idea that SM should have some sort representation from within the community to compliment the existing team on the forums.

From what I gather, BD is a more complex and time-consuming game, which has been around longer, hence why the people with badges all originate from there.

Considering that SM is a “younger” less complex game but with a substantially larger community I would assume that said community would appreciate having someone they’re familiar with in-game as one of the leaders in the forum.

Speaking in broad terms here, but imagine if you will, a city being policed by the police force of the village a few miles down the road…Wouldn’t the city’s inhabitants be more amenable to an authority figure from their own town?

Don’t know if that makes sense, but that’s what i was trying to get at.

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little bit off topic …

Are BD and BD-EA 2 totally different games, or is it planed to end BD and only let run BD-EA after ?

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To be fair, I am probably the first player (or at the least, the first who hasn’t been deleted since…) to have ever played SM outside of the staff at the time, Fluffeh is one of the best SM players ever, Gaurav witnessed and took part in the birth of SM, Elcent plays it casually, Xzyckon is a well known face in the SM community thanks to his incredible work on fanart (custom sprites).

We’ll definitely add more people over time as demand increases and so on. They serve no in game purpose, but they do in fact pass a lot of things on (through Sarah though… Used to be Liran but these days there’s an office where everyone is in shouting distance so anything that reaches Sarah reaches the entire team :slight_smile: ).

Don’t be mistaken by our BD heritage, most of the staff does try to pass things on to the SM team and we pretty much all like the game (and some of us prefer it).

I totally agree, it’d be nice to have more SM mods. But last time we recruited from SM, we only had about 3 applications (vs 10-20 from BD players) for volunteers.

So yeah, if someone stands out a lot, we’ll add someone. if we end up needing it, we’ll take a dive in the deep one. But it’s a little more complicated to hire for SM-only :slight_smile:

Ultimately it’s up to Sarah though, anyone is free to PM her as well if you think they think they could be a good mod.

But keep in mind the mods aren’t people who make decisions or vote or such. They’re just people who get an extra ear and the ability to get rid of bad content, in trade of which we expect to be able to trust them to stay constructive and think in solutions and refrain from ending up too heavily in public arguments (we’d rather they don’t end up in heated arguments with players, nor can we have people attached to us attacking us in public :stuck_out_tongue: ).

To be honest, it only makes sense for someone to even want to be a mod, if they already act like that anyway and want to make it easier. It’s satisfying and honestly quite engaging to take a much more active approach in the community. Most people just wouldn’t want to have a supporting, backseat role instead.

Just makes me more appreciative of those who do it honestly. They’re awesome people. Even when they get attacked for stuff they didn’t even know about, they tirelessly work for the benefit of both of our games here. I cannot describe with ease how much I appreciate these wonderful people for joining us on this journey along the way and continuing to selflessly aid everyone who plays or maintains these games. :slight_smile:

Can’t have ever have too many, but they’re hard to find. Most people, even (especially?) the very helpful ones, prefer either staying out or taking a more forefront role. To be honest, I would too. :slight_smile:


The staff is ok… just the game is bad…

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Thank you for your post @Alexander, it’s great to hear you chiming in…Would you by any chance be interested in coming back to SM? we have cookies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Totally different. BD is from 2006, EA is a new game that isn’t finished yet.

BD is what Tacticsoft was founded on, it’s the womb in which SM was allowed to grow, the soil that it thrived on.

We abandoned BD for a while once - a terrible mistake undeserving of such an important game to us.

We will always have love for BD. I hope EA will have its own history like that in the future, with other games standing on its shoulders. But certainly, we shall not let that detract from the game that started it all. :slight_smile:

I still play sometimes. If you mean as staff, sadly while SM enjoys a healthy team, BD can not afford to miss someone.

I love SM, I hope it’ll keep growing more and more, I’ve seen it the entire time through its growth… but SM has many people caring for it. BD does not. :frowning:

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that’s right the game is better if developers listen to veteran players

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Usually Mods are of Forum not of games
I guess this goes same for us

Some SM-ers don’t really respect mods as they are Dawners before Pilots
They can’t say much when half the SM community strikes :stuck_out_tongue:
Its better not to mess with a mod so much :sweat_smile:

As Malice said BD community is more dedicated
So that’s probably the reason why most of the mods are Dawners

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BD community is much more active, because BD requires you to be awake like what… 20 out of 24 hours a day?



Not really if you don’t want to win you can sleep

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Active to a Battledawn player is to be reachable 24/7. So you don’t have to be online 16+ hours but have access around the clock and within 5 minutes notice be online to do something. (This includes when sleeping)

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