Super Mechs item trade

I think it would be fair to trade items with other members of your clan. I’ve had so many item that i don’t need but other members of my clan need.


if that happens, i will soon join some clan


This idea has already been published many times, but yours I like to exchange articles with the members of the clan would be well but with slight changes. Like bro <3

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It will neverrrrrr happen…

And this is exactly what dreams are made from.
Little scenario:
You make 24 accounts and your own clan.
You farm for 1 month with all of them( you lose your mind in the process) amd you start trading between them.
Boom you are powerfull AF… also crazier then Joker.
Not gonna happen.
Just chill


Who has the time to make so much good accounts it is hard enough to make 1 solid account with this new update and if you do trade stuff you cant trade gold.

Trading items will never be able. That means someone can make 10000+ accounts, and just take what he needs and puts on one account. That will never end and game will go down the hill. Its pointless to suggest things like that. :dancer:

Why don’t you read existing suggestions @summon360
These ideas have been suggested many times
Bring up something new