Super Mechs is Featured on Google Play and Apple's App Store

If you didn’t notice Super Mech is now being featured on Google Play and Apple’s App Store (yes, at the same time).
We’re currently see a huge spike in new installs.

Most of the new players are playing in the campaign in the first session but many of them will get to the Arena on the second session. Lets be welcoming to these new players and get them into the game and into the community! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info . We will welcome them all

Hi @Mohadib !

Sorry to have to be negative about, BUT yes we noticed it, it is NOW very very laggy, close to unplayable !

  • all players expierence this lag now, so its on your side

  • last move / shot needs all time, sometimes even longer, and you dont know for 10 - 20 seconds did you win or disconnect

  • very often you have to read now “please wait” for also 20 - 30 seconds during you go to different menus

^^ I hope that helps and you can fix it very soon !

Thnx !


My campaign has now glitched out twice. After I have defeated a minion mech, the reward comes up as “0 gold” and “0 xp”. Then the loading screen comes up and I get thrown back into the main map of the campaign which has wasted fuel meanwhile I have also lost valuable gold and xp.

@bestplayerintheworld I am also affected by the lag (especially on the last move) and the loading screen between the chat room and menu for arena battles sometimes freezes completely - resulting in me having to keep refreshing the web page.

@Mohadib Please upgrade your server, you seem to not understand the need for better servers as a result of all these “new players” which are coming in.

Woah ok now @Mohadib … This has gone WAY TOO FAR. I have gone from the campaign to the area menu and have magically LOST A STAR IN RANKING WITHOUT PLAYING A PVP. I have now gone from 18th in the world to 20th…

Just to prove it… I see 0 losses in my replays ( I need compensation):

p.s I have tried refreshing but still at my magic -1 !!! :rage:

We haven’t touched anything related to the pvp ladder so this may be a bug. Please send us a support ticket from the game itself and describe exactly the issue (and add a link to this forum post so we could see the images). When you send us a ticket through the game we also get extra info the developers have more data to look into.


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Congratulations! I look forward to seeing the community grow. Going forward, maybe this influx of new players and the subsequently larger player base could convince the devs to lower boosting/transformation costs as a incentivisation/retention measure? :wink:

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Exactly !

In life it’s a take and give !

Take AND give !

^^ and all WOULD be happy !

Please lower the boosting costs !


i got kicked out by the camapign ._.
i was fighting big boy :sob:

Yes, it’s happening to me as well i keep getting kicked out of campaign. The game remains unusually slow as well.

i know the bug trigger bro, don’t fight an opponent until the save progress finished, you will not got kicked out from mission

it’s an old bug btw, long ago even before the new item card UI

I think it’s time to change my profile picture

When does tacticsoft plan on repairing the armor games link? it has been broke since the update.

Top 10 in new popular apps and top 50 in world

Go to top 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t forget to leave a review :slight_smile:

So, the welcome package for new players is nerfing the loot crates to only 1 item? What the hell?

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Super Mechs is no longer one of the top games on Armor Games… I do think a review is in order on these sites that supermechs is now offered.

I encourage reviews everywhere it is offered