Super Mechs - Heat Bomb testing - Perfect!

Enjoy! :wink:

lol your level is seriously 46


Well, I’ve beaten Big Boy quite a while ago… (a few months ago)

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Having two at legend is op especially a maxed dual Myth of this

Im not trying to ne harsh but the vid wasnt that helpful testing it at lvl 1 epic isnt really gonna help people

The FPS in the game though…


FPS meaning Frames Per Second.
Its a bit… laggy I guess I could say.

Is bcoz of my recorder…

It’s usually 60 FPS.

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Ima be uploading a video later today.

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You have a youtube channel?

I finally got my intro today oof.

Can you send me the link to it? (so I can sub)

Me too!

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Heres my channel.

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Why is your name “ryan bae” :joy:
Wait thats your real name?

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Subbed! Also, is that you on the channel profile picture?

Ryan is his name. Not quite sure about Bae…