Super Mechs Halloween


So, when is Halloween out? I really can’t stop wondering. I just hope it is going to be something good.
I will make a topic about my ideas for Halloween and post the link to it in comments. Tell me ya opinion about what ya expect for Halloween! :wink:

  • Gotta be awesome
  • I don’t expect anything awesome
  • Is going to be boring…

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Hope they release pumpkin head for coinz at least, exactly like Santa’s hat!


Yup! :grinning: :grinning:


Can you put on and take off the Punkin head whenever you want? It stays in your inventory?


You can, but only during Halloween (I guess :confused: )


I honestly don’t know, I’m a new player here, but I don’t see a reason why it should be different from Santa’s hat. @El_Metre has 3 pumpkin head if I’m not wrong, we can try asking him.


Yup! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


those were released last year, for 150 tokens during the event, then they droped it to 100.


Hope they do it this time. :slight_smile:

#11 Here are my ideas for SM Halloween! Hope ya like 'em guys! :wink:


Now with TS version of inflation they will be 1000 tokens each if they even put them in.


Hoping for next 30% off premium box sale. I have some tokens to spend.


Or premium packs! :grinning:


Cosmetic bat wings would be kind of neat. Do it like the unicorn event where you beat bat winged enemies.



well i’ll tell you this, there is an event coming… dont know what it will be about, and it will probably take place on or around the same spot as the unicorn event.
We could see dressup mechs with pumpkin head, the pumpkin perk could be won like the unicorn thing.
defenetly gonna be a sale, maybe also a increased chance in legendary in premium boxes.


Same here but I still don’t trust the hit-miss ratio they have on the premium boxes. Last time I got them last month it was 1 Legendary in 75 boxes which is out right BS especially beings it was a dam DUPE of something I already had. A BS Windforge ELE Drone, on top of it I hate ELE crap…


yup, you’re right :slight_smile:



nice like it dude :grinning:


the hit miss ratio…yeah not gonna bother with them…until i see chances are writen next to the box, and they actualy match, i aint touching those.
i have bad experience even when it was writen(30% not in inventory)…18000 tokens later…not a single ultracooling module.
so yeah… i’m a bit pesimistic about boxes.