Super Mechs En Pie


me pregunto cuantos jugadores en total juegan a este juego, y como le ase para seguir en pie?


Translation: _I wonder how many players in total play this game, and how do you get it to stand?_

I think 40, 000 for Part A
Part B to your question gets Lost in Translation… not sure what ‘get it to stand’ actually means :thinking:


I doubt that!
I’d say about 200… Maybe less…


Doubtful but Mohadib claims there are around 30.000 monthly active players.


I thinks someone got the lowest ranking in RAID and they placed close to 30,000th

I’d assume there’s other players who don’t play RAID though

Sad we can’t get more than 150-300 at a time in the Arena though…

  • Arena Rewards could use a buff (Fortune box for 10 wins?.. come on… farming BB in the Campaign drops at that rate)


bueno no son muchos pero tampoco son pocos eso esta bien