Super Mechs Dead


Super Mechs
R I P 2012 - 2017


rapid expanssion
larger player base than ever
regular updates

people usually wait till tacticsoft games are in decline before they trash them, it’s cute that you guys try to be like battledawn players though.

Your first posts/topics

I don’t know if this is a GAME or a Big BUG! What ever I do, it’s bugs …I tried to change mech order and Bug there…I can’t use my weapons after that, unless I relog in … Now guess what, they just found out rank 1 is below rank 2 -.-


Well i finished the old campaing even the hard and insane modes, reach lvl 30 and rank 1 in 3 weeks then i was bored, really bored
i even tell support that i wanna restart my acc but keep the half of my myth items just to give annother chance to have fun but they say no and then i keep feeling bored then with the new campaing and all this things the fun just feels on the first days a week if youre bussy and then boring!
so yes
the game is dead
dont have any interest after lvl 30 and rank 1
and now im still here because i wanna see if they could make this better
this game its at 23% of its potential as i see