Super mechs balanced game

This is what we call a very balanced game in the world.
What do you think @Sarah247 ?


Like i said in some previous posts… 1239 dmg combo!!!


lol… that is too much @El_Metre

I really dont know WHO had that idea from the devs to RAISE ALL (damage, heat, electric) for 100% - 350 (!!!) % !

For the math I learned, it increases also a little unbalance to a high unbalance !

HERE exclusive what would have made this UPDATE - SM-reloaded really GREAT :

  • damage increase 10% - 15%
    (instead up to 350%)

that way ALL old mythicals good level fused, would still have a chance to win, special with some skills

  • heat, energy increase 5 - 7%
    (instead up to 200%)
    (one top weopon do -189 energy, 2 uses
    ^^ should that be a joke ???)

that way the “little” unbalanced in old version would also be only a little unbalanced in new version

THIS way the update would have been GREAT !!!

BUT … someone decided in a total different way !

I have reallly NO clue WHY ?

It destroyes …

  • gameplay

  • needed skillz

  • balance

  • FUN

  • etc.

Fun should be the most important thing in a game, to be “killed” with 1 turn or 2, sometimes 2 shots, isnt FUN for ALL new or F2P players !

I wonder how long this game will run this way !


P.S.: Rising deserve this win-streak, he is a great player ! He will have catched my record from +899 win-streak very very very soon !
Congartulation on that Rising !


Yeah congrats Rising.

Ps : i dont blame Rising :blush::blush:

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I know !


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This is no longer a game of strategy, but of force.

Anyone with a weapon like death punch and his mythical full mechs, may be the best.

Yesterday I played 2 battles vs. “Best player”. I have an 80% legendary mech, bestplayer has a mythic 80/100% mech. There was no strategy, there was no tactic. Just stand in front of the other and shoot like 2 fools. Simple, the one with the strongest mech, won.

Difficult to establish who is the best and who is not. I don´t feel like a better player when I win a rank 2 in battle, I feel like I’m cheating on the other.


Thank you Wepa for telling / showing ALL, how much my single gold medals (most of all players all time) are worth …

  • made in very old version (smallest damage - MOST skillz needed)

  • made in old version (low damage - skillz needed)

  • made in last version (high damage - max fused myths - not so much skillz needed)

Thanks a lot Wepa, you are always so nice to me !


What do you feel when you ask for battle and you get someone with a legendary Mech?

What do you feel when before you start the battle you know that you have won because the other did not have thousands of tokens to buy?

I was a good buyer, I had the strongest weapons, that allowed me to stay in the top for a long time. But I always felt it was a scam to those who did not have the same possibilities as me.

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I was too a great spender, but i lacked the commitment to getting medals…specily when i had to stay up intil 2 am for tournament to finish…Plus i did not care for them that much, i just enjoyed the building of new mechs, and demonstration of skill, and i was lazy to rank up on wins and things(still am now i only play 5 PvP/day).
I do like the sistem of wepons boosting, and transforming, i really dont like that there is such a huge gap between legendaries-myths, or myths-fully fused myths, or the gap between the type 1 and type 3 myths.
But the game is so damn unbalanced, if you can deal 1000+ damage in one turn… out of 2000 hp… then you really have a problem.
The use of these wepons is idiot proof… press button… cause the range is big, the dmg is huge, and the start position is…well in range.
There should be some tweaks to them.
I can only imagine gettin into a match where i am in the range of 2 of those…boom boom… half hp, fully drained…

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So there is no way to win against 2 death punch ?

Mehhh, we need to wait another six months until the remaining players get all the new items so we can find a possible counter… oh wait, this game will probably die out after six months assuming the devs are going to make another shitty update :stuck_out_tongue:

But there is a counter for it… but it is range dependant, basicly if you start out of range…you lose…if you start withoin range 2… you might win.
The dual anihilation 2400 hp, 400 energy cap mech can win it if it starts at range 1 or 2, but this mech, get’s seal clubed by the heat mech(new lava, new shotgun,).
I don’t refer to countering this, i was refering that in relation with the other builds, the ones you can make out of “normal” myths, it is way too OP.

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Now i know, that there needs to be a line between f2p players, and p2p players, but makeing such wepons is just a tad to obvious.
And i think it really hurts the gameplay, and overall experience of the game. The gap needs be be slightly smaller, so that you can win if you have the right skill, or if the other makes a mistake, these build are just bullet proff for the user… i mean really… press the kill button.
Because it really isnt fun for neither parties involved in the match.

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collecting items for years, finally maxing all of the mechs without spending a single cent
new update, new items, gotta start everything over, because i can’t fuse the already maxed items into the newer ones…
thanks tacticsoft for making every other veteran player waste YEARS of collecting and playing <3

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what i was amazed at was that the first 2 person in the list played around 1000 matches in a week. with all due respect for their wins, where do they find so much time. even if it was 3 min per match, it would take 3000 minutes or 50 hours atleast in a week.that would take atleast 7 hrs a day. what are they doing


my record is 2500 wins in one week !

  • all played alone

  • no co-pilots

  • thats every 4.032 minutes 1 win / battle (the whole week)

  • had to be faster during day, to find sometimes a 2 - 3 hours slept

  • I made it just to know what is possible


NOW 1 battle needs NEVER 3 minutes, I have sometimes 3 - 4 quits in a row and most battles needs less than 2 minutes, so this 1000 were easy, with a lot of sleep !



It is pretty funny that another side effect of the power gap and rampant quitting that results from it is the hyper-inflation of wins. After all, an instant quit opponent is a win that only takes a split second.

watch how much quit against me …



My name would be on that list too.

It is sad to see repeat names in even that very small list though. Dat decimated multiplayer population.