Super Mechs Animation


Yes I know I made a topic half an hour ago but bear with me.

So… I was pondering on this idea for quite a long time. A SUPER MECHS ANIMATION! And no I don’t mean those bad kid drawing ones, like an actual official one! Not like an anime either. Just something fun to watch :smiley: So… For characters. I thought of them being actual people, but inside the mechs. Since they do call us pilots. And for the top rank people, how about the actual players in the game too? And exclude people with inappropriate names o_o So. Anyone with me on this idea? Ima try to make my first animation. I have it downloaded into my computer so… yeah.

  • Do It.
  • Don’t Do It.
  • Idc as long as I am not involved.
  • Just make it good.

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Sounds like a great idea! Can’t wait to see what you come up with :grin:


i got it like it could be some person trying to become the best sm piolet to defend the world


Actually,I was wondering if anyone made an actual animation
Thay should be very entertaining to watch :slight_smile:
I’ll be waiting for it and it shall be amazing!


If you add me in the animation I will spend 1000 tokens on white paint


I won’t


That was very close to what I was planning o-o


Hey Guys! I am having trouble finding an animation maker I can actually use and make it good! If any of you know a good one, please let me know :wink:


How about this, people in the forums and in the top lists :wink:


So is it gonna happen?


Necromancer, be purged


Me too :smiley:
But i don’t know how to make it :smiley: