Super Lusitanos Recruitment Topic


We are recruiting active and friendly players from rank 11.

To be a valuable and mature clan to SM that will achieve the game goals with friendship and fairplay.

Contribute to the growth and prestige of SM.

Stretagy for growth and development:
Our strategy is based on motivation and support given to our members.
We are a familly that continuously help each other.

No drama inside the clan or with members from other clans will be tolerate.
If you feel that you are to childish and can not respect this please don’t apply.

Thank you to all that paid attention to this topic and good luck to all SM players.
Lets enjoy the game and make it better

Together we will make it happen!


We are now in the way to 1K wins for this week.
Titan is already dead.
We just got position 125 and wanting to enter on the Top 100 soon.
We have 3 available places so don’t be shy and apply to the clan.

Thank you


Hope to see you guys up here soon. It’d be nice to see more clan’s on the forums.


Thank you for your words Lokee


I mean Lowkee. Sorry



No worries.


Update on clan achievements: tomorrow we will achieve the 1K wins.

Thank you to all the great clan members!!!


And there we go, 1K wins done! Congratz to all clan!!!


GD 2.0


May I join.

Level 8.

70 wins for the week so far.

I play every day.

I am a good dude


Sure mate. Just let me know your ingame name and time that you will be in general chat.


Thanks for replying bud.

I managed to get another clan with a real good group of active players.

Appreciate the offer though.