Super Light Tournament Season I Real Match List and start the battle now!

Hey guys
Please read the rule how to play in my tournament

Each player must fight with opponent for 3 round(range 1,3 and 5)which is fight with all range
If the player win the first 2 battles,then he or she can fight in next round
Also there must no pad in my tournament
So if you see the pad in battle,please quit and fight andother battle until there is no pad in the battle
And here is your tournament list

@Jonathan_Obele vs @meSSha
@XL1Aomegac_gameplays vs @Bahaeddine_Jaaouani
@destroy8839III vs Manolis109
@Pavic vs @L4K3
Ricemech88 vs Enerjonn
@Super_Yeeter vs @Opoco
@Luckyluchs777 vs woop2
Good luck for everyone!:wink:


Every player have 2 days to find your opponent to have the battle
Please remember there is no pad in the battle


Anybody know @RAMBO ign ?

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Can i fight someone if their opponent doesn’t show up in first round @TheBlackMan

Sure as u can
If someone did not online,u can fight with him

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Anyone battling right now?

cant communicate with my opponent

Man,so much time passed,I completely forgot about this.
And that mech is no longer in my line-ups.

Seriously,two months have passed…

Yeah @RAMBO is not replying

@Super_Yeeter …

Hi sorry for late reply it is R.A.M.B.O


my opponent don’t reply too @XL1Aomegac_gameplays

However i will next be on in ike 12 13 hours

You are now is fight with @woop2

And guys please remember
If you are win first 2 battle or finish all 3 battle with different range start and without any pad
Please send your replay code to me! :wink:
I would like to watch it

Ok @woop2 I can come soon

@woop2 where are u?

@Pavic @R.A.M.B.O @Super_Yeeter @woop2

Good luck guys, make the Mech Corp Community proud! If you don’t, I’ll get @nightfox485 to kick you :stuck_out_tongue:

@meSSha Where’s you get to? Got a space here at Mech Corp III with your name on it.


@Manolis109 i’m ready! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey @Luckyluchs777 I am ready for you now if you’re still here, sorry had to go dig some holes for a trellis…