Sup my boyos how's it goin


i am the Cobalt Dragon, an eliet strategest and combo master, i combine power and efficency to make myself a deadly foe with my signature move i call the homage saber combo. you will definately see it if you face me and when you do, you’ll wish you never chalanged me.


Ello @cobalt87
Welcome to the forums!
I suppose i told you to do it.


What… what is this post??


i dunno


Basically him begging to be trashed on.

lol I’m tempted to but nah


Welcome to the forum! :smiley:


Welcome to the forum.

Btw. I bet you’ll regret your homage saber combo once you meet dual annihilation + night eagle wielders.


lets wager that


if you win you get 20+ brag points


(20 words)


you get to brag all you wsant that you beat someone with a level 20 redwall and a 31 homage


That’s not really worth bragging over. Come back when you’ve figured out how to build your mech and actually got one fully maxed mythed. I’ll take ya.


its a deal dude


cobalt is an overrated element.


ya never know we could become friends after


psha your just jelouse


chromium’s where it’s at, ■■■■■.


what do you think anout dragon related mech parts


what about argon or iodine


the noble gases are full of themselves (get it?) but iodine is alright.

francium is pretty lit too.