Sup its me cherry


hi guys its me cherry aka bell its long since i left sm but i promised some ppls i will come back near december to say hi .so here am i …i hope all r doing good

ok about my life nothing much found some other games with fairness …still watch animes …

and most imp.thing guys german chat is sick in every game


hey welcome back cherry, bell!!! what do you prefer cherry or bell?


i like both names xd in btw hi @oliboy23 hope u doing fine :blush:


thank you, i am going great, school is awesome i am going great in game.
yeah thx




Oh hi sup how you doing I don’t think I knew you really well but hi anyways


onii chan :grin:


idk if u even remember me , u tried to help me with the game , but i guess i am beyond help :smiley:

Nice to see you back CHERRY!!!


Welcome to the forums @Bell :slight_smile:
I have some videos here to catch u up if u want to watch them on your spare time :stuck_out_tongue:


hey hi baba how r u ? i hope u playing good now😀