Summer is close


What will the devs have for us during summer events ? sales ? freeboxes ? campaign reset ? or even more game breaking bugs and mythicals ?

Show your expectations below folks


Sales Discount( or sales ) is usual
Summer events? What do you mean?
Free Boxes are included in sales discount
Campaign Reset would be cool be but it would be least expected
New Myths? Probably after nerfing and buffing some items
A new update = new/old bugs


No one plays this game anymore lol. Dont be silly.


New Myths? Probably after buffing the newest (ultra) mythicals

Knowing the developers, FTFY


There are still many players, less tah 2 years before but still many, dont tell things like this. Or im gonna kill u_


I was being sarcastic. Im one of the most active players, thus i thought the joke would be obvious.


I was joking too, if i would be serious i wouldnt write “U” but “YOU”


Jokeception :stuck_out_tongue:


-Advisor: You have to act more presidental
-Trump: Covefe