Summarize Your 5 Months of SMR

  • 8 mythicals full fuse

  • 10 mythicals total

  • over 20 million coins spent

  • 34 Levels gained , over 4,1 million EXP.

  • Beaten countless Top Players

  • Become a top player in the top 3 clans.

  • Over 200 hours in SMR



20 characterssssssssss

Average psyhical mech
Idk and idc how much coins i spent

5 months? In these 5 months I still could not get 2 new cooling modules … !!!

5 legendary items on my mech.
Level 26
Grinding away trying to improve it when I can. Consistently around league rank 9-10.
My biggest complaint is what it seems to have been much easier before SMR to gain levels. Having finally opened up a 4th module slot seems like such a game changer until I realize that people have mechs with more.

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How many engine-booster each module i should keep ? So i dont go excessive.

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got bunker shell
get regular items
get bored
started a new acc