Sumerian_Tablet vanishes ..MurderKing_187 Returns


MurderKing_187 formally known as the Sumerian _Tablet, is here to cancel subscriptions and cash checks on mechs…
See you in my yard…good luck

*Win* "1vs1" against the King of Murders! * Last Post wins
Sumerian Talk Episode #5 "The Surprise Guest"

Wait so you’ll stop being p2w? And why in this channel? Shouldn’t this be in General?


If you were more worried about your mechs than the why & where of my sentences, you might be in a conversation amongst the elite one day.


Must’ve been a nobody.


Yeah hi.
I already saw that you changed your nickname in the game.
Doesn’t change the fact that I can still beat u.
I don’t know why you have to be so prideful.


I have better mechs than you for a F2P


One of my clan mates had the opportunity to come across you @Sumerian_Tablet and kicked your a**. Doesnt work bein all cocky huh


First of all, I have no beef with you.
Second of all PamDr been whipping my asz since level 13.
Third of all , I made supermechs fun again.


Fair enough…the humbleness is a nice change…maybe we can get along


I battled you once , I lost.
I will return for my rematch when I’m ready.
Also, PamDr was about to die if you watch that fight.
A careless mistake on my behalf.
I lost, so be it.
I’ll see that mechs again


She had 700hp left…

Maybe you should look at the post again…700hp isn’t almost dead as you put it…in comparison, it’s a marginal win


My forum experience has been ruined when you joined the forums


Let him be.
He thinks he’s the center of the world.
Just ignore and exclude him like all of us do.


Your life experience was warped the moment you pulled up


I hear you talking big time.


This is such a Cringe Fest, Everyone shut the fuck up, Jesus Christ… Just leave em alone to stop all of this Childish act


Wow…The voice of reason has arrived.
Thank you for your input.


Dude, what’s up with the energy/phys smurf/hybrid…eww


I’m glad he got suspended.
He talked way too much crap and made no sense,picking up fight with everyone.Just who does he think he is!?

Everytime I beat him fair and square (easy wins,his mechs are terrible),he got cocky and started insulting me for absolutely no reason,even after I gave him the best advice I could personally give to someone.

I hate this guy.


Everyone can “hear” that