Suggestions / Tips for my mech please

Do you guys have any suggestions / tips for my mech?
I’m using the Void drone because I don’t have a energy drone atm (btw what energy drone do you guys recommend?)

Improve your life that is a very serious problem and more if you run into a physicist who occupies annihilations because he did not care about the enrgia and you won and in the part of the drones I recommend a snack or face shocker or a torment I leave an image of the drones

I send you the complete image because I do not feel like making changes to the image

How funny I want a heat drone like the two that you have and your need for an enrgia drones

I do not know why but I can copy and paste your mech to mine because I have everything you have

maybe it can be wasted time but maybe it’s a good idea

You’ve definitely got the right idea.

The main thing is you need to find a way to get more HP. Obviously hitting levels 35 and 45 will help. A big thing for making an energy mech work is being able to survive until you zero your opponent out and/or survive 3 uses of their zero-energy weapons. Most physical mechs, for example, will have an Annihilation or a Mercy, and use it along with grappling hook and charge. If you can take 3 hits from that, plus whatever damage they do before you zero them out, you basically win. If you can’t, you basically lose.

Other more minor things:

-While the hammer is really strong, it doesn’t drain much, so your 1 range can be exploited a bit (IIRC those legs don’t drain much either). If players stay close to you, you probably won’t be able to zero them out.

-You’ll eventually only use 2 or 3 of those heat modules. Focus on those. That’ll open up slots for HP plates, energy regen and resistance modules.

-Best drones are Windforge and Face Shocker. Use any energy drone you want until you find one of them. Face Shocker is not that hard to find.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Get a mythical top weapon, preferably a valiant sniper, since it’s OP and has 4-8 range. If you do that, you’re going to be unstoppable. Unfortunately, it seems like that item’s rare, so you might want to focus on upgrading a malice beam to myth first.

I have a Face Shocker, and it kicks butt since it drains resistance and does considerable damage.

yeah, and what @Blex said

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more, more, more HP is the first glaring fault in your mech. you will also lose to any energy mech with valiant snipers due to your relatively low energy damage to consumption ratio and low end energy stat for an E mech. this mech does have pretty nice heat stats all things considered and you might be able to acheive rank 1 with this mech by the end of tourny but if you want to be in the high end, top 25 ranks you will need to upgrade all your modules to myth. no question about it. you will never be a top player with epic modules, the hard truth is it just wont happen. this is refelected in your very low HP which will really, really hurt you untill it’s adressed. even if you drain an opponent right now, you are still pretty vulnerable to being killed by single hits with a no E weapon or even stomps due to your low HP. you need a HP level in which your opponent needs combos to win and then the E drain ability to ■■■■ any chance they have at a combo to win as an E mech and sadly you will really struggle to achieve this with epic level modules. modules are key. also, ditch the damn phys hammer, its out of place and serves no purpose for this mech design.

Reove the backbreaker , get a snack / torment

I want blue engine module i never had 1, ramboy never drops blue engine.