Suggestions getting support from Alex/Admins


Would it be possible to get a reply from @Alexander or an admin on suggestion posts that are very popular. Perhaps if polls reach 20% of the currently active BD forum?

eg currently 186 members and assuming all are active if 37 vote yes on a poll then Alex would get a message asking for his comment on a suggestion and he would be able to tell us if its possible and if there would be any plan to implement the idea.

  • Brilliant idea, this will stop good community suggestions getting lost.
  • Horrible idea, Alex has better things to do.
  • Other idea, I’ll comment it below.

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I’d rather not to be truthful.

First of all replying skews it, second of all if I decide to implement it, it will ruin the surprise (and disappoint everyone if it doesn’t get in), third of all, the reasons for not doing so are not always pretty and don’t always give a good message to new members.

As useful as a feature may be, if it costs too much time it may simply not be worth it, since in the end all of us are already playing, enjoying, loving this game and we can spend years making it better for us, or we can focus on the players that leave or don’t stay to begin with and improve the game for people like us when there’s a good opportunity to do so…

In the end it’s a pretty fully-featured game, it has some broken systems but the game itself is pretty much complete.

In the end there is a roadmap and changes are made based on experimentation, not designed by committee. This forum serves mostly to get good ideas about things to change along the way, or inspire more experiments (and attached changes). :slight_smile:

It’s all about finding a nice balance.

Edit: It’s worth mentioning I read literally every topic and do intend to credit topics I steal ideas from. A couple are already in the current version I am testing. :slight_smile: Just not the best idea to respond, sorry!